PM33- Geared DC Motor (Offset-Shaft) Good Quality


Specification :-

  • Base Motor RPM: 3000.
  • Rated Torque (N-cm): 14.7.
  • Rated current (mA): ≤170.
  • Rated power (W): 0.38.
  • Rated speed: 50 RPM.
  • Shaft length (mm): 21.
  • Shaft iameter (mm): 6.


Robotics, DIY Kit and Projects, RC hobby projects, Pan/ Tilt camera, auto shutter, welding machines, General Automation

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This light weight and compact geared motor is your perfect choice for all kinds of DIY automation requirements. The motor is delivers ~15N-cm at 50rpm. 

This combination is happens to be the most utilised for requirement that include, but not limited to :Pan/ Tilt camera, auto shutter, welding machines, water meter, IC Card, grill, oven, cleaning machine, garbage disposers, household appliances, Slot machines, Money detector, automatic actuator, coffee machine, Towel disposal, lighting , Coin refund devices, Peristaltic pump.

Given the low cost and proven reliability of the motor, it is one of the most sold geared-DC motor. The motor provides a D-shaft of ~21mm to fit into wheels, gears, couplers, timing pulleys. 

In the Box: 

1 x PM33- Geared DC Motor (Offset-Shaft) Good Quality


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